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Carolyn is a Real Estate Professional in the Lake Erie Islands Vacationland, Ohio. Carolyn Pytllik has been a real estate professional for more than 35 years as well as a real estate owner, investor, and general/limited partner in various real estate ventures. Having sold real estate in many challenging markets and economies, Carolyn appreciates and optimizes the value of all properties from beginner homes to vacation homes. With her heart in the Lake Erie Islands she can help you find your dream home there or sell your home when the time is right. Understanding how the right home is an integral part of a healthy physical and fiscal lifestyle she can help you reach your optimal wellness. She is a member of the Firelands Board of Realtors and Lakeside Trade Association. She serves as a disaster relief volunteer for the American Red Cross and an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau. She and her husband are owners of Lorenzo's Culinary School in Lakeside, Ohio. With a bachelor's degree from Youngstown State University and a Masters in Health Education from Penn State University, she has been an instructor at Youngstown State University as well as guest lecturer at the University of Hiram. Carolyn is a US Army Major having served as a medical officer for both US Army and US Air Force Reserve Units.
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Carolyn Pytlik

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162 Walnut Avenue
Lakeside, Ohio 43440 United States
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